March Field Air Museum Riverside CA.

​Nearly two years ago, we called in Gary and the services of his team "Synergy Paranormal" to address ongoing unusual, strange and unsettling occurrences experienced by visitors and staff at the museum. Since their first investigation, I have been impressed by Gary and the Synergy Team. Not only have they uncovered and recorded solid evidence of paranormal activity, Gary accomplished it all while keeping to an uncompromisingly high standard of professional conduct.
As an organization in the public eye, entrusted with the responsibility of preserving the rich cultural and physical history of aviation, the museum faced a difficult situation in venturing into the world of the paranormal. Gary has been sensitive to our every concern. Respectful of the artifacts and cooperative in every way, their non-intrusive technically oriented collection of techniques have impressed even the toughest skeptics.
I look forward to continuing the relationship and on going investigations.

J. Houlihan
Curator, MFAM
Private Residence, ​Redlands, CA
Living in a historical home in Redlands, my family and I were seeing very odd things and shadows. We were also hearing strange noises that could not be explained which made us very uncomfortable and afraid of being in our own home. After researching paranormal groups, I contacted Gary with Synergy Paranormal. Gary contacted me right away. I was on the phone with Gary for a few hours explaining and sharing with him what was going on in my  home. He has a very professional and caring attitude which was far beyond what I would have expected from anyone that does this for free. Gary &  Nancy came to our home and their professional attitudes, methods of investigating and the way the explained things to us made us feel comfortable and safe again. After several investigations, Gary & Nancy shared the evidence they caught and their theory of what was going on, plus they gave us ideas on how to lessen the activity. We took their advice and so far the activity has decreased tremendously.
Thank you both for all that you have done and also for being there for me and my family. We now have an understanding of what may be going on and feel safe in our home.

Lynn​​​ C.
Redlands CA.​

March Field Air Museum Walk With The Ghosts Tour

​​​​​Dear Gary,
​I want to take this time again to let you know what a wonderful time we had at the Walk with the Ghost Tour last night, Saturday, July 18, 2015. I was part of the group of five family members. It was an incredibly interesting, entertaining, and fascinating tour. It was interesting to learn of the methods you use to communicate with the spirit energy. Touring the facilities and attempting to communicate with the spirit energy was all so very entertaining. And, it was fascinating to experience in person interactions with spirit energy. Most of all, I appreciate your being the perfect host and guide, and welcoming us wholeheartedly and without reservations, and sharing your great knowledge and experiences with us. You are the best! I would love to take the tour again and also visit the museum exhibits during regular business hours. Hopefully, I can plan on doing that soon.

Lorraine M.
Monterey Park CA.​​​