These photos were taken with a professionally converted infrared digital camera. Upon close review of the top picture it was discovered that an orb and an arm and hand were in the window..The second picture below was taken moments later and shows nothing in the window. It should be noted that this area is not open to the public and no one was inside or around the outside at the time the picture was taken.
Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA
This photo shows an orb that was taken late at night down in what is known as the "Archives". This area is where some of the original furnishings and fixtures are kept, and is not open to the public. This area is very active.
This photo shows my tattoo, a tribute to the Queen Mary. After so many investigations over the years and capturing an extensive amount of evidence that proves to me that the Queen Mary is in fact haunted, I felt connected and compelled to have this tattoo. The Queen Mary not only served as a passenger ship but also a troop carrier during world war II and was called the "Grey Ghost". This tattoo represents one ship in two eras.
These three pictures are still frames captured from the original video taken (see the "Video" section for the actual video). They show a child apparition standing on the second floor balcony by the exit doorway. It should be noted that there is a fire hose box and a phone on the wall behind the apparition, however no other objects are present in this area. This area is closed to the public and the video was shot after 11:00 pm.