Walk With The Ghosts Paranormal Tour

Due to many hours of video and audio / thousands of pictures taken during each Walk With The Ghosts paranormal tour, evidence pictures and videos will be posted as reviewed and processed.

This Picture was taking minutes after the group entered the restoration hangar. The game trail camera captures an orb in motion. Please note this is the same area a female apparition was also captured on camera during a previous investigation.
This picture was taken by guest Stan Fry showing a bluish white orb in motion outside hangar 1.
C141 Starlifter, Hours before a tour we set up a game trail camera in one of the most active aircraft known to date. At 8:52 pm our game trail camera captured these three pictures within seconds of each other showing an orb in motion moving about the interior of the cargo bay.
At 1:08 am while investigating the restoration hangar, a guest noticed an inspection tag "Remove Before Flight" at the rear left landing gear on a F15 Eagle inside the hangar moving side to side. These pictures were taken with a game trail camera and shows a guest shining her flash light on the inspection tag that was moving. Picture 1 shows an orb starting to manifest and is in motion close to her. Picture 2 was taken 1 second later, and shows the orb more clear and still in motion. Could this energy be the cause of the inspection tag moving? Please note, there was no wind or breeze inside the hangar at the time this event occurred and was witnessed by everyone present. The inspection tag on the rear right side landing gear never moved . This is the same area a male serviceman or pilot apparition was also captured on camera during a previous investigation.
These two pictures were taken within 1 second of each other with a game trail camera on the restoration hangar mezzanine. Picture 1 shows the orb moving very fast horizontally then within  the same second changes direction 90 degrees and fly's upward as shown in picture 2.
September 27th 2017, this photo was taken by tour guest Sherry Ziegler showing an orb on the C141 Starlifter during a tour.