March Field Air Museum - Riverside, CA

​Below are just a few pictures from a tremendous amount of evidence collected at the museum. These pictures are from some of the "hot spots" at the museum.

This pictures shows an apparition of a service man or a pilot. Inside the white orb. You can see the clear definition of his face, hat, shoulders and an insignia on his arm.
This picture shows a female apparition. It has long been suspected that a female presence has been present. This picture now confirms what we suspected.
This picture shows an orb in motion. While up on the mezzanine, Nancy and Mikey both said they felt a presence leave at the time this picture was taken. It appears as if the presence was leaving going down the stairway.
This picture shows an orb in motion next to the wing of an aircraft being restored.
This picture was taken by a tour guest standing outside the C141 Starlifter, which is one of the most haunted aircrafts found to date. It clearly shows an apparition leaning over the flight engineers seat peering out the cockpit window, apparently watching us as we leave the aircraft.