Gary is a highly experienced paranormal investigator with over 14 years of experience in the paranormal investigative field. He founded Synergy Paranormal in 2009, because he wanted to create a group that shared certain methodologies, passion and a high standard of professionalism. Gary leans more to the scientific and technical aspect of any paranormal investigation but has an open mind to what may not be explainable. He uses a vast array of standard and specialized equipment including thermal imaging to capture and document any paranormal activity that may be present.
Founder / Senior Investigator  Technical Manager

Investigator / Sensitive​
Melinda first became aware of her gift of sensitivity at age five. Although comfortable in receiving and conveying messages, she has endeavored to find a scientific explanation for paranormal activity. She graduated magna cum laude from UCSD in Anthropology. Through National Science Foundation sponsorship, she assembled the largest and most comprehensive scientific project on the West Coast on human origins for the Museum of Man. The assemblage of knowledge from that project ultimately became an internationally disseminated education program on human evolution. She now continues her quest to look at paranormal activity through scientific process and sensitivity.
Sarah has always been drawn to the paranormal since being a young child. Strangely enough, she has never actually had a paranormal experience or encounter. It seems as though her fascination was innate. Sarah just found it so interesting and it really piqued her curiosity. Growing up she watched a lot of paranormal TV shows but, as she got older she really wanted more. Sarah wanted the real experience. She wanted to be the one doing the investigating and be the "boots on the ground" expanding her knowledge of the paranormal field.