Haunted March Field Air Museum
              Riverside, CA​

​Synergy Paranormal​​ has been exclusive to investigating paranormal activity at the March Field Air Museum in Riverside, CA, since July 2012. While under very tight security and the watchful eyes of the museum staff, Synergy Paranormal has completed many all night investigations to date, with more scheduled every month. Through these investigations, and with all the evidence collected, we have determined that the museum and some of its aircraft and artifacts are in fact haunted by both residual and intelligent energy.

On June 1, 2013​, The museum went public with this information and held a public presentation "Haunted March Field Air Museum" presented by Gary, the founder of Synergy Paranormal.

The presentation was such a success and public interest was so overwhelming, the museum staff along with Synergy Paranormal are now  conducting the MFAM Walk With The Ghosts Paranormal Tour, where you will be guided through several of the "Active Hot Spots" in the museum and aircraft where paranormal activity has been reported and captured. During the tour, you will get to see some of the equipment used by Synergy Paranormal.

For information and reservations Contact gary@synergyparanormal.com

     See the links below to view some of the "Evidence" collected.