Based on our years of experience, research and evidence collected, the following definitions are what we believe to be true and accurate.

An image of a deceased person’s ghost or spirit that materializes and can be seen even though a physical body is not present.

Cold Spot
Is a small area that has a drastic temperature decrease when a ghost or spirit is trying to manifest. They are able to manipulate the natural environment. They do this by pulling the energy from the immediate environment in an attempt to manifest, causing a sudden drop in ambient temperature, thus creating a cold spot. These cold spots can be felt by the living and the movement of the cold spot can be tracked with a thermometer.

An immaterial or ethereal substance associated with spirit manifestations.

(Electronic Voice Phenomena) EVP is the process to capture a ghost or spirit voice on audio recordings (tape or digital). Typically, the voice is not usually audible to the ear of the living but after playing the recording back, occasionally there are voices or sounds recorded that are not from anyone present at the time of the recording or that can be explained while the recording was taking place, leading us to believe that the place has a ghost or spirit present.There are two types of EVP recording sessions; one is a passive approach and the other is a responsive approach. The passive approach is when a recorder is placed in an area and left to record everything going on around it. A responsive approach is when specific questions are asked, with an expectation of hearing a response from the ghost or spirit when the recording is played back.

Is the soul or energy essence of a deceased person that has not crossed over leaving it earthbound. Ghosts do not cross over for numerous reasons; i.e., they don’t know they are dead, due to a traumatic, untimely, or sudden death experience, they may feel they will be punished when they cross over, they may feel they need to keep a promise to someone or to keep watch over their loved ones, their reasons are only theirs. They can manipulate the natural environment around them to draw in the energy from the immediate area (as described under a cold spot) and at times by draining battery operated and electronic devices such as digital and video cameras, cell phones, audio recorders, etc., in order to manifest and be seenwith the naked eye.

Intelligent Haunting
Is a spirit or ghost who is aware of the living world and interacts with or responds to it. Under an intelligent haunting, spirits or ghosts may be able to communicate with the living, not just by talking, but also by moving inanimate objects, making noises, opening and closing doors, etc.

An intelligent moving energy ball of light which can appear in different colors. It is the most common form of evidence. It is the easiest form a ghost can manifest because it doesn’t require a massive amount of energy.

(Dust Orb)
These orbs are commonly found in pictures and video. They represent dust or moisture that has found its way in front of the camera lens as the picture or video is being taken and can be mistaken for an actual orb.

Referring to something that is beyond the range of normal human experience or scientific explanation.

Poltergeist (German for noisy ghost) is believed to be a ghost that interacts with others by moving and influencing inanimate objects. Poltergeists typically focus heavily on raps, thumps, knocks, footsteps, and bed-shaking, all without a discernable point of origin. Many stories detail objects being thrown about the room, furniture being moved, and even people being levitated. A few poltergeists have even been known to speak.

Residual Haunting
Is a repeated event that occurs over and over, like playbacks of auditory, visual and other sensory phenomenon that are attributed to traumatic life altering events or a routine event of a person or place reliving itself, like a replay of a video tape of past events. Residual haunting do not directly involve a spirit or ghost aware of the living world and interacting with or responding to it.

The soul or energy essence of a deceased person that has crossed over. Like ghosts, spirits can also manipulate the energy in the environment to make themselves known. Unlike ghosts though, they are aware that they have passed on and have crossed over to continue with their spiritual journey. They have the ability to come back to earth to visit those they left behind to check on them or to help them with something that is happening in their life.

A vortex is a portal or doorway to the spirit realm. Ghost and spirits can use this doorway to enter into the living world. It is a form of paranormal energy that will sometimes show up in still pictures as a translucent white tube, streaks or funnel shaped mass.