About Us

Synergy Paranormal is a highly experienced, professional and dedicated paranormal investigative team, founded by a knowledgeable and professional paranormal investigator. We are based in Southern California, the Inland Empire and serve the surrounding areas. With many years of experience, we bring both the scientific aspect, as well as the sensitive / psychic aspect to any investigation. We feel that having both aspects within one group allows us to better determine whether there is in fact any paranormal activity or something that is just occurring naturally and can be explained. We strive to obtain credible evidence of any paranormal activity both from private residences, businesses, museum, historic and public locations. We feel that in obtaining credible evidence this allows us to validate the presence of any paranormal activity, and in doing so, helps us to continue to learn and better understand the paranormal world and educate and help others. Synergy Paranormal does not charge for its services.

Our Mission

To assist those experiencing paranormal activity. It is our commitment to assist you the best we can and will strive to answer all your questions. We will try to explain why the occurrence may be happening and try to determine if it is in fact paranormal or just something occurring naturally. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner, with understanding to your concerns and situation. We feel everyone who is experiencing paranormal activity deserves help. We respect all walks of life and religious beliefs.

Contact Us

If you feel that you may be experiencing some type of paranormal activity whether in your home or place of business, and need assistance, or just have questions, we are here to help, please contact us and we will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your situation.


We believe in client confidentiality and are respectful when it comes to your privacy. We will never release any personal information without permission.